Obsolescence Management Portal

Community to solve obsolescence problems

The Obsolescence Management Portal allows all rail operators, as well as national and regional transport companies, to obtain information on the topics of obsolescence management and spare parts supply together with all registered members and to exchange vehicle-specific information.

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2 months free access including digital, personal introduction (workshop) if you are not a member yet.

How does it work?

Acute obsolescence cases and supply problems are published and discussed within the portal community.

Members cooperate to develop a solution or provide relevant problem-solving approaches (e.g. spare parts).

Who is the Portal for?

  • Rail operators
  • National & regional transport companies
  • Public transport
  • Infrastructure & network companies

Send Discontinuation

The following companies are already sending discontinuation and change notes digitally and accordance with the VDMA standard sheet 24903 to the portal community:

- Siemens Mobility GmbH


Digital Quarterly Dialogs OM Portal

1st Digital Quarterly Dialog OM Portal on 26.01.2024
2nd Digital Quarterly Dialog OM Portal on 26.04.2024
3rd Digital Quarterly Dialog OM Portal on 12.07.2024
4th Digital Quarterly Dialog OM Portal on 18.10.2024

Anwendertagung - 13.06.2024

The user conference will take place on June 13, 2024 in Hamburg in connection with the 10th anniversary of AMSYS - Obsolescence Community Day.
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More than digital - it´s personal!

Obsolescence Management Portal members meet semi-annually for a personal exchange on current topics and solutions for routine challenges in the operation of trains, busses and infrastructure.


Contents of the user conferences:


  • ‘Get-together’ for expert discussions in the evening before the event
  • Expert presentations and inspiration by portal members & guests
  • Examples of current discontinuations and their management
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Your Benefits


Members become aware of issues as early as possible.


Exchange ideas with all members.


Members join forces and strengthen their market position.

Cost Savings

Members solve problems together and lower their costs.


Members benefit from other people’s experiences and information.


Standard “data set” is protected against data & know how loss.

What are the conditions?

  • 12 months Obsolescence Management membership € 2.000 p.a.
  • Includes registration of four user profiles (e.g. for holiday cover)
  • Each additional user is charged at € 500 p.a..
  • Direct Search in Obsolescence Database component database included as well!
HINWEIS. Die digitale Einführung und die Benutzerregistrierung sind mit einer einmaligen Zahlung von € 1.000 abgedeckt.


After registration, one of our representatives will contact you and answer all your questions about the OM Portal.


You will receive a 1-hour digital introduction to the portal, in which all steps will be explained to you in detail and what important things there are to consider.

Portal access

After the introduction, the access data will be sent to you by e-mail. Your access is immediately accessible and can be used right away.

(Alarm) Notification if a certain obsolescence status occurs
Mapping of hardware (not limited to electronics) & software
Import & export functions (e.g. for .xls, .xml, .csv, .txt, .zip)*
Automatic output of standardised notifications & reports
Various cockpits, dashboards & graphics
Interfaces to other information systems (data bases, ERP, etc.)*
External input mask with upload function (e.g. for suppliers & manufacturers)
Manual addition or reprocessing of data sets
Sophisticated high-performance search functions (keywords & filters)
User management & administration (read & write privileges)
History function with (re-)traceability
Modern and scalable technology (web-based & mobile-enabled)
Hosting on the company‘s own or a dedicated AMSYS (SaaS) Server
System maintenance, regular updates, support & backups

Portal Members

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