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  • Due to the current situation, there are problems in maintenance and servicing?
  • You have bottlenecks or delivery problems with spare parts?
  • Your obsolescence cases are piling up?
  • Need help or experience sharing to solve these challenges faster?

AMSYS GmbH has created such a network and would like to offer you the following:

2 months free use in Europe's largest obsolescence management and exchange portal for rail & infrastructure operators

Many rail and network operators as well as national and regional transport companies already use the portal to exchange information and help each other in the area of obsolescence management and spare parts supply. Members work together to solve problems or provide appropriate solutions.

In the meantime, manufacturers are also sending their announcements or information about delivery problems directly to the portal.

Take this opportunity to gain insight and familiarize yourself with the portal to better position and protect yourself for the long term.

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2 months full use from

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